Video Ad Network

Advertise your brand using the most cutting edge video ad serving technology. Priority Medianet works with advertisers and agencies to deliver video ad campaigns across all forms of video output mediums. Since video ads are viewed in more places than just websites, our platform serves out video ads to PCs, mobile devices, and TVs that are connected to the internet. We focus on both standard video banner ads and in-stream video ads that are played inside the video player.

Priority Medianet supports all IAB standards and rich media ad units. For design and technical specifications for each video ad unit please click the specific ad unit from the list below:

InSynch IAB Specs
Triple Player IAB Specs
PowerRoll Dataconnect IAB Specs
PowerRoll IAB Specs
Branded Player IAB Specs
Interavtive Overlay IAB Specs
Pre-Roll IAB Specs
Expanded View IAB Specs
SideKick IAB Specs
Lights Out IAB Specs
In-Banner IAB Specs
Video Syndication IAB Specs
Mobile Connect IAB Specs
Mobile Billboard IAB Specs

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