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If you're an agency who's looking for a new source of advertising and marketing to help fulfill or expand your client's campaigns, look no further. Our team can help you promote your clients via several very powerful online tools. These include high level and advanced search marketing techniques, an extensive advertising network, a blog network, and more.

The Priority Medianet team aims to partner with the best agencies to maximize results. We reach your target market audience and help you achieve your sales goals with our unique online advertising approach.

Search and CPC Marketing

Priority Medianet delivers search performance outside of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With over 5 million searches performed each day through our PPC / CPC network, managed properties, distribution channels, and powered by our cutting edge technology that is managed by our expert staff, Priority Medianet is a leading source for alternative search traffic. We are capable of running direct campaigns or loading XML ad feeds into our ad serving platform.

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Display Advertising - Banner, Video, and Mobile Network

Priority Medianet operates an extensive display advertising network that serves out millions of impressions each day for standard IAB banners, videos, and mobile ads. Think of our network and services as an integral part of your agency's reach and size. Agencies are encouraged to provide us with their own creative ads or if preferred, our display advertising technology enables the serving of third-party ad tags. We offer a whole array of campaign reporting that can be automated and emailed each day. We also offer the services of our in-house creative studio for all banner, video, and mobile ad design and creation. Our mission is to fulfill your clients' campaign goals so that they demand more traffic.

Quality and Scoring

Priority Medianet takes all measures possible to combat suspicious click activity. Our click fraud detection technology evaluates the validity of every single impression and click. Every click is driven through a complex system of filters before being delivered to an advertiser. Furthermore, we also pass our clicks through the Adometry Ad Analytics platform which uses sophisticated algorithms and intelligence from advertisers to identify the vast majority of invalid or fraudulent clicks. We ensure that our clients receive the cleanest traffic possible.

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